Captain’s Log, 14th September 2017 14 September 2017 – Posted in: Articles, Blog, status, update

Update: 14th September 2017

I’ll bet you’re wondering why it has been so long between posts. Well, it’s been some year, and it ain’t over yet.

The Antiques Geek is suffering with a sore finger and sore foot, the former makes it difficult to type and the latter injury was received (would ya believe) on my birthday.

Photo of a beautiful border collie pup resting on his owner's arm

It involves a silly border collie and if you really want to hear about it, as J.D. Salinger would have said, you can read my narrative over at this link. Interesting as the story is, it would be really boring for me to type the whole thing over.

Still, things are progressing quite well and I’m starting to look forward to an official launch and getting a couple of guest writers on board from time to time. I’m also working on items that will be for sale and offering quality items from other business owners. Furthermore, we’ll be giving referrals to qualified professionals as well.


You’ll be glad to find a good many entries added to the glossary, and I’m hard at work on a new article on Collectables (or Collectibles, if you speak or write that other version of English).

Meanwhile I’ve got tons to do so I’ll just keep plugging away. Talk soon.