Art and Antiques Terminology

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A reissue is a subsequent run of items by the same (original) manufacturer, or by an official licensee. Reissues should be clearly marked as such and dated, although in the days before quality control and legal requirements, this may not always have been the case. By contrast, a reproduction is a copy made by another party.

The Renaissance is generally seen as a bridging period between the medieval and modern eras. The name literally means ‘rebirth’, referring to renewed interest in ancient Greece and Rome. This ‘neoclassicism’ was to continue on and off for centuries. The Renaissance was not in and of itself a design period for decorative arts, but rather it was a period of social change, marked by great changes in philosophy and thought, science and education, architecture and the fine arts, including painting, music and literature.

Retro is a very fluid word technically meaning ‘looking back’, but in modern usage it has broad application and can mean vintage, old, old-fashioned or neo- that is, new, but made in the style of something older. Some examples are: retro fashion, fifties retro, or retro cars, which can be cars of the new millennium made in the style of older 20th century cars, or the older cars themselves.

Royal Doulton
The name Royal Doulton refers to one of the best-known English potteries. Although not as old a manufactory as older factories such as Royal Worcester or Royal Crown Darby, it quickly became famous, first as a manufacturer of utilitarian items such as bottles and sewer pipes, then for fine ceramics. As with many of these ceramics manufacturers, there have been a few name changes. The best known incarnations are Jones, Watts & Doulton (Doulton Lambeth), Doulton and Watts, and Royal Doulton. Famous names associated with Royal Doulton include George Tinworth, Leslie Harradine, the Barlow siblings (Florence, Hannah and Arthur), and Charles Noke.

Royal Worcester
Royal Worcester is a preeminent English ceramics company. It vies with Royal Crown Derby for the title of the oldest English ceramics maker still in existence. The company is noted for fine porcelain and for its excellent designers and painters. Noteworthy names include James Hadley, The Stinton Dynasty, Harry Davis, Charles Baldwin and the fruit painters, particularly Kitty Blake. Originally known as The Worcester Tonquin Manufactory, the company has had several name changes, some of the best know are The Royal Porcelain Works, Flight and Barr, and Royal Worcester, which ceased production on the 14th June 2009, but the name and intellectual property are now owned by the Portmeirion Pottery Group.

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