An introduction to the field of collecting

Collectables, or collectibles (American English spelling which is in wide use), are anything that can be collected. People who pursue this as a hobby are known as collectors and the field is called collecting.

The first step in entering this challenging and addictive field, whether you are starting in a new business venture or a hobby, is to understand just what [gs collectables], or collectibles, are.

People have always enjoyed placing art on their walls, or putting decorative items around the house. When people have the inclination and the financial means to buy a number of the same sorts of item, they are said to be collectors.  Some [itg-tooltip tooltip-content=”<p>Collecting refers to the act of acquiring and maintaining a group of like items.</p>”]collecting [/itg-tooltip]fields have existed for decades, even centuries.  Other areas are fairly new. Some fields are so large that they have now have many subsets, or specialty fields; antiques and fine art are examples of this.