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Function and Functionality

The Antiques Geek has had a few health challenges, so it’s remarkable that we’re anywhere near on track with the website.

Testing functionality now. The last thing we have to do is determine the pricing for the different levels of membership.

We will have plenty of free content for the public, and specialised content for members.

In addition, business owners will be able to choose membership levels based on their needs. The first tier is a basic level with a business description with no listing of items for sale.

The second tier will have an expanded description, images and the ability to list items for sale. Users who have great digital skills can handle their own profiles and get a discount on membership.

Business owners who can’t do their own tech jobs, or those who would rather not, can pay for Premium Membership and have me handle their profile and listings.

Members of the public will enjoy articles and our terrific glossary and our business directory. We hope that eventually we will have the best and most comprehensive antiques and business glossary available on the Internet. We are also planning Australia’s largest and most comprehensive antiques directory. Most directories today are inaccurate and/or incomplete. Even the Yellow Pages has state-dated – and in some cases – antiquated – information. I mean to redress this.

Of course everyone will be able to contact us for help, guidance and referrals through a standard and easy to use Contact Us page.

Big ambition, but I believe in aiming high.

I feel rather like The Little Engine who Could: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….