The Antiques Geek: The Small Business Resource site.

The Antiques Geek was conceived as a resource centre for antiquers and antiques professionals. The site has expanded quickly and now provides professional resources and information for those needing the services of  antiques professionals, as well as consulting and support services for all small businesses.

Here you can find all sorts of information on Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables and referrals to experts in their fields, as well as geeky information. the latest in small business trends,  and how-to’s designed to make the digital universe accessible to the layman.

Are you a business owner with a problem that’s beyond your current skill level? We can provide professional help and expert guidance. We’re experts in Small Business management, with particular emphasis on the lean startup.

Our goal is a site where you can browse for hours: learn, have a giggle, get useful information, answers to questions and help. We’re adding content daily.

Have fun!